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"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Watch on Any Device"
  • Watch your recorded shows
    on any device, anywhere.

    With GenieGO™ and an HD DVR, you can enjoy your recorded shows on any device*
    —wherever you are, wherever you go.
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"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Download App"
"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Download and Go"
  • download and go

    Watch anywhere—without an Internet connection.

    GenieGO lets you download and watch shows recorded on your HD DVR on up to five different devices, so everyone in your family can enjoy their favorites anytime, anywhere—all at the same time. No Internet connection required to watch, so you can watch without interruption.
    Streaming is currently limited to one device at a time.
"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Auto-Download"
  • auto-download Auto-Download every episode of a TV series.

    Your DIRECTV GenieGO can automatically prepare to sync a new episode of a series with your laptop, tablet, or phone, as soon as your HD DVR records it. Set Auto-Download Series to "ON." You must be within your home Internet network to download content to your device(s). Learn how
"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Stream over Wi-Fi"
  • stream shows

    Stream shows
    instantly over Wi-Fi.

    Whenever you’re joined to a Wi-Fi network—any Wi-Fi network, not just your home network—you can stream your recorded shows instantly, without having to download them to your device. Learn how
"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Start Watching"
  • Start watching as soon as a show starts recording.

    No need to wait for your HD DVR to finish recording a show. You can set your HD DVR to start recording
    a show and start streaming it right away on your computer, tablet, or phone. Learn how
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Once you have the GenieGO device, just follow these simple steps:

  • set up genie go

    Set up your GenieGO

    Just follow these easy steps. You can also download the Quick Start Guide (PDF), or the GenieGO Manual.
  • download app

    Download GenieGO app

    On your computer (Mac or PC), Android tablet, or phone, download the GenieGO App. On your iPad, download the DIRECTV App (GenieGO functionality is integrated into this app). Click here for a list of compatible devices.
  • enjoy


    Download your recorded shows to your device and take them with you wherever you go. Learn how. Or stream your recorded shows instantly on your mobile device anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection. Learn how.
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  • Need more info? See details below.

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"Marketing : Equipment : GenieGO : List : Features and Specifications"
  • Features

    • Set your GenieGO to prepare shows for download while you're away. They'll be ready to download when you get home.
    • Access up to 20 hours of recorded programming on your computer or mobile device at a given time. An external hard drive (not included) can be connected to your DIRECTV GenieGO for additional hours of programming.

    • See progress of content download on your computer or mobile device.
    • Set parental controls/locks to block content on computer or mobile device and enjoy peace of mind over what your children are watching.
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions - GenieGO Model

      Width: 7.2 in, Height: 1.3 in, Depth: 4.7 in, Weight: 0.5 lbs
    • Memory

      16 GB
    • In the Box

      DIRECTV GenieGO, Ethernet cable (4 ft), Power supply, Quick Start Guide, Owner's Manual
    • Connections

      Ethernet (1), USB (2)
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  • See more top questions
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