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    The hottest
    new releases.
    Anytime. Anywhere.
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  • Directv Cinema

    Your destination for
    the biggest blockbusters.

    DIRECTV CINEMA® gives you instant access to the hottest new Pay Per View releases.
    New movies are added every week, select new titles available nearly a month* before they’re on
    Netflix® or Redbox®. Enjoy them on your TV in 1080p HD* or anywhere else, on your laptop, tablet, or cell phone.
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  • directv cinema tv
  • Movies On Demand
    on your TV.

    With your Internet-connected HD DVR, you have instant access to thousands of movies, including the hottest new releases* on your TV – any time you want them. Go to Channel 1100 on your TV to browse.

    Or you can browse online
  • And all your
    favorite devices.

    DIRECTV goes anywhere you go. You can stream all the newest movie releases anywhere, on your laptop, tablet, or phone. The best entertainment is now wherever you want
    it to be.

    Browse movies to watch online
    Learn more about watching online
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