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  • Brazilian TV Packages

    Your home away from home
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  • Brazilian TV ChannelsBrazilianDirect: TV Globo and PFC in one package

    TV Globo offers something for everyone in your family, including telenovelas, news, sports, and more. With PFC, you have every futebol fan's dream channel, featuring over 300 live matches a year. You can also add either channel a la carte.

Brazilian TV

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Call to order. You must also subscribe to a base programming package.
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  • Jornal Nacional

    Jornal Nacional Globo, Channel 2134

    Join William Bonner and Fatima Bernardes in the country's longest running news program, bringing you the most important news and stories from Brazil and the world.
  • GerBrasil

    GERAÇÃO BRASIL Globo, Channel 2134

    A young Brazilian dreams of creating a low-cost computer in the United States. After revolutionizing the market and founding Marra International, Jonas Marra (Murilo Benicio) returns to Brazil looking for help keeping a secret.
  • Futebol 2013

    PFC - The Soccer Channel PFC, Channel 2135

    Anyone living abroad can follow the most exciting Brazilian soccer tournaments on PFC. Watch the State Championship matches, programs with renowned sports journalists, and much more!
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  • BrazilianDirectTM I

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How to Order

  • Call 1-800-613-4645

    Call the number above to order. You'll need to add your international package to a base programming package, which starts as low as $16.99 per month.
  • Customer Service

    Our customer representatives can answer your questions and take your order in your native language.
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Base packages just for you.

We offer base packages designed especially for our international viewers to customize with international TV packages.

  • Enjoy over 105 English-language channels, including over 69 music channels. Call number above
  • Get over 150 all-digital English-language channels, 45 more than BASIC CHOICETM. You can also add international packages to any of our standard English and Spanish base packages. Call number above
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