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  • Classic Rock Workout

    The most rockin' and rollin' up-tempo tunes from the Classic Rock era come together to create the ultimate workout experience with no downtime. You're sure to work out those triceps and biceps…
  • Familiar Favorites

    Emphasizing timeless, well-known favorites from the late '60s to right now for a comfortable, familiar and welcoming feeling.
  • Great Standards

    A showcase of outstanding performances of classic songs, performed by great standards singers. You'll enjoy unforgettable classics by the original artists, blended with some newer renditions by…
  • Groove Lounge

    An urban cosmopolitan experience featuring tracks from the worlds of Acid Jazz, Trip Hop, Neo-Soul and Lounge with a sprinkling of World beats. An innovative and multifaceted listening adventure.
  • Holidays & Happenings

    The perfect sounds for holiday celebrations, including St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas and more.
  • Irish

    The sounds of traditional instruments and progressive Pop songs combine for a rousing celebration of music from the Emerald Isle. Musical styles include Celtic Folk, contemporary Celtic Pop and…
  • Italian Bistro Blend

    A look back at great traditional Italian Pop crooners of the post-war era and their American counterparts. From Domenico Modugno to Dean Martin, it's sure to be a "Big Night" with this fun-loving…
  • Italian Contemporary

    The amore channel. You'll hear a mix of songs by contemporary Italian artists from the '60s to today. A few of the oldies and the newest hot releases, Pop hits and romantic ballads.
  • Jazz

    Straight ahead Jazz including Mainstream, Bebop, Cool, Hard Bop and some Post-Bop too. The legends of yesteryear and today's young lions.
  • Metro Blend

    This is an innovative blend of sophisticated classic and contemporary vocals. Metro Blend is the best of two evolving traditions: mature Pop and Classic Jazz.
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