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  • America's Worst Tattoos

  • Art of America

  • Art Of Pop Ups

    A card creator whose intricate architectural origami jumps off the page; a chef who surprises diners with elaborately composed meals; former fashion designer who stages one-night-only art shows.
  • Bring It! : The Wig Is Off

    The Dancing Dolls return to Memphis hoping to beat one of their biggest rivals; Sunjai learns a hard lesson; Selena tries to bully Dianna; Camryn gets the opportunity to perform a solo.
  • Faces of a Vanishing World

    Joey Lawrence takes portraits of indigenous cultures that are on the verge of extinction.
  • Ink Master

  • James Rosenquist: A YoungArts Masterclass

    Three student painters participate in a workshop with pop artist James Rosenquist.
  • Prison Ink

    An insider's look at the makeshift methods and deadly risks of prison tattooing.
  • Sex and Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau

  • Tattoo Nightmares

Results 1 - 10 of 12

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