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"PRHP : Reliability and Satisfaction"
  • img DTV Reliability Satisfaction

    There are many options. But only one choice.

    It's easy to see why every 9 seconds someone switches to DIRECTV7. With us, there are no startup costs or equipment to buy. Plus, we offer 99% signal reliability, local channels in over 99% of the U.S., and #1 customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite providers8.
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  • Big entertainment.
    Even on small screens.

    Stream over 100 channels live including ESPN, FOX News Channel, ABC, and more, all at no extra cost. Watch thousands of titles On Demand. Enjoy it all seamlessly from your TV, to your phone, tablet, and computer2, virtually anywhere you are.
"Prospect Homepage : Premiums"
  • img Premiums

    Enjoy premium
    entertainment, on us.

    Get 3 months of HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® included at no extra cost when you switch to DIRECTV*. Binge on the shows and movies that have everyone buzzing, live and On Demand, on your TV, tablet, computer, and phone.
"Prospect HP : Wireless Genie Features"

Our most advanced HD DVR system ever.

  • sm genie feature1
    With DIRECTV you can put your TV anywhere. No more drilling walls and woodwork.
  • sm genie feature2
    Forget about recording conflicts. Genie records up to five shows at once—any time, any channel, in glorious HD6.
  • sm genie feature3
    Start watching a show in your living room, pause it, and pick it up anywhere else—even in your backyard5.
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