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Congratulations on becoming an AT&T | DIRECTV customer!

DIRECTV and AT&T have teamed up to bring you the best in TV entertainment, broadband and telecommunication services in one easy bundle.

With your DIRECTV Genie or HD DVR receiver connected to the Internet, you can take advantage of the latest DIRECTV features, including:

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Register your DIRECTV account online
Register your DIRECTV account online

  • With your online account you can reschedule your installation date, upgrade your programming, order new equipment, even set your home DVR from any computer.6 It's available 24/7.

    Register your DIRECTV account at
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How to pay for your new services
How to pay for your new services

As an AT&T | DIRECTV customer, there are two different ways you can receive your bill.

  • Bundle Savings
    You'll receive a separate monthly bill from AT&T and DIRECTV. Bundle savings will appear as a bill credit on your DIRECTV billing statement and will be reflected as "AT&T Customer Savings."

  • Integrated Monthly Bill
    You'll receive a single monthly bill from AT&T for both AT&T and DIRECTV services as long as the name and address used for activation are the same for both accounts. Bundled savings will appear as a bill credit on the DIRECTV portion of your billing statement as "AT&T Customer Savings."

    Your statement can be viewed and paid online at
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Contact Us
Contact Us

  • AT&T
    For more information about broadband, telephone, wireless services or your bundled discount savings, please call 1-800-288-2020 or visit

    If you need more information about DIRECTV programming, services or equipment, please visit our Contact Us page.
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  • Find out everything you need to know about your DIRECTV installation.
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Helpful Hints

  • If you haven't done so already, schedule your AT&T installation to take place first. This way, your DIRECTV installer will be able to connect your DIRECTV receivers to the Internet and phone.
  • Register your DIRECTV account to reschedule and track the status of your DIRECTV installation online.

  • Browse The Guide and see what's on DIRECTV.

  • See why DIRECTV delivers the best television experience.

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