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Your voice is our command.

Looking for a show? With the DIRECTV phone app, all you have to do is speak up—Voice search understands what you mean and finds what you’re looking for!

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Stream live TV.

Now you can watch your favorite channels on your tablet or phone anywhere in your home. Select popular channels are available for live streaming even outside your home.

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Set your DVR.

Forgot to schedule your DVR to record your favorite show? No problem. Set your DVR from anywhere using the DIRECTV app on your tablet or phone.

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Control your TV.

Turn your tablet or phone into a remote control. Change the channel, pause, rewind, fast-forward, record, and more, all with a simple tap!

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Watch LIVE NFL games anywhere.

Up your game this season with the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app and the NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX package. You’ll be able to watch every game, every Sunday, no matter where you are—on your tablet or phone.

Test drive the NFLST app
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