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"Satellite DIRECT Magazine"

Satellite DIRECT Magazine

$3.99per month
$39.95per year
To order, click here and enter "DTV3" in the promo code field.
Or call 1-877-895-7192.
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"Satellite DIRECT LP : Intro"
  • Find out what's playing on DIRECTV every month.

    Satellite DIRECT has all the information you need to make the best viewing choices. It contains full 24-hour listings of popular channels airing on DIRECTV the following month, plus over 3,000 movie listings, including the latest movie premieres on every premium channel, in alphabetical order. There are also separate easy-to-read listings for sports and kids programming. In addition, every subscriber will have access to a complimentary online magazine, available two weeks before the print issue.
"Satellite DIRECT LP : How to order"

How to Order

  • 1

    Call at 1-877-895-7192 or visit the Satellite DIRECT website

  • 2

    Mention or enter 'DTV3' in the promo code field

  • 3

    Choose between the monthly ($3.99 a month) or yearly ($39.95 a year) subscription

"Satellite DIRECT LP : Discover other ways to see what's on DIRECTV"

Discover other great ways to see what's on DIRECTV

  • Interactive Online Guide

    The Guide is more than just a channel guide. It shows you everything that's on DIRECTV and let's you set your home DVR from any computer.
  • Watch DIRECTV

    This is your online portal to everything DIRECTV. Browse the best TV entertainment with dedicated pages for movies, shows, sports and more.
  • Browse Shows Anywhere

    With the DIRECTV Mobile app, you can browse shows and set your DVR from anywhere.


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"Satellite DIRECT LP : At a Glance"

At a Glance

  • Get full 24-hour listings of shows airing on DIRECTV

  • Browse over 3,000 movie listings in alphabetical order

  • Get an online version of a magazine at no extra charge

  • Subscription available on a monthly or yearly basis

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