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    Your entertainment. Your way.
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  • Find your perfect entertainment package. Plus more.

    DIRECTV entertainment packages give you more than just your favorite channels at a great price. You also get NFL SUNDAY TICKET included at no extra cost1, Premium networks for three months at no extra cost2, FREE streaming of entertainment on your computer, tablet, and phone3, and more. Plus, you can customize your TV package with what you want to watch—and where you want to watch it. Get DIRECTV
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Big entertainment. Included at no extra charge.

    Only on DIRECTV.

    Get every live out-of-market NFL game, every Sunday1. Other providers may offer some coverage. Only DIRECTV has entire games.
  • Thousands of hit
    movies and shows.

    Enjoy the best original series and blockbuster movies with three FREE months of HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax®.
  • md Locals

    Stay connected with
    local channels.

    Get the channels that deliver local weather, news, and sports included with every entertainment package, alongside your favorite primetime shows.
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  • Customize your package with special programming.

    Sports packages
    • NFL Sunday Ticket
    • MLB Extra Innings
    • Sports Pack
    • FOX Soccor Plus
    • MLS
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  • Premium networks
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Turn every location into a home away from home.

  • DIRECTV for

    Get the entertainment experience you need to help your business succeed.
  • DIRECTV for
    Building Owners

    Increase the curb appeal of your properties with the ultimate TV experience.
  • DIRECTV for

    On-the-go entertainment for today's travelers. Enjoy your favorite shows any time, anywhere.
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