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  • DIRECTV vs Comcast Xfinity

    Love TV again.
    Get DIRECTV.
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  • Fed up with Comcast? You’re not alone.

    In one year, more people chose DIRECTV than the top ten cable TV companies, combined. Get DIRECTV
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"Why DirecTV : Competition : Comcast : List : DTV Number 1"
  • number one

    DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction
    over all cable and satellite providers.*

    That’s according to the 2014 American Customer Satisfaction Index. In fact we’ve ranked higher than cable for 14 years in a row. No wonder every 9 seconds, somebody switches to DIRECTV.^
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  • hdtv cable comcast

    Love HD?
    You need DIRECTV.

    There's nothing like watching your favorite shows in crystal-clear HD. That’s why DIRECTV offers over 195 full-time HD channels.1 So you can watch more of your shows, movies, and sporting events the way you want—in beautiful HD resolutions of up to 1080p. Learn more about DIRECTV HD Get DIRECTV
"Why DirecTV : Competition : Comcast : List : Undisputed Champion Sports"
  • hd sports

    The undisputed
    leader in sports.

    There’s only one way to see every NFL game every Sunday2. That’s with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. And only DIRECTV has it. We’ve also got MLB EXTRA INNINGS® and the most coverage of PGA golf, USTA tennis, and MLS soccer. DIRECTV vs Comcast Xfinity: It’s no contest. Learn more about DIRECTV sports Get DIRECTV
"Why DirecTV : Competition : Comcast : List : Genie"
  • lone ranger flame

    Genie®, only from
    DIRECTV, grants your
    every TV wish.

    With Genie, you get the ultimate HD DVR experience in any room in your home. Start watching a show in one room and finish it in another. Say goodbye to recording conflicts— Genie lets you record any five shows at once. Genie even recommends new shows you might like based on what you already watch.3 Think a cable box will give you all that?

    Plus, with the combination of Genie and GenieGO, you have the freedom to watch your favorite shows anywhere, on any of your mobile devices.4 Learn more about Genie Get DIRECTV
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