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    Get the ultimate TV experience, wherever you live.

    DIRECTV is available across the entire country, so you never have to settle for cable. Sign up
    with the company ranked #1 in customer satisfaction, as compared to the largest
    national cable and satellite providers. With our 99% worry-free signal reliability,
    you have an unbeatable TV experience you can depend on.
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Bundle with DIRECTV
and save!

DIRECTV partners with the top names in phone and Internet
services nationwide to bring you the ultimate triple play
bundles. Not only that—by bundling phone and Internet with
DIRECTV, you can save an EXTRA $10 every month on your
DIRECTV bill for one full year.1

Call now! 1-866-319-9838

Enjoy HD DVR service
in every room, with
just one HD DVR.

Genie, only from DIRECTV, serves your entire home, so you can now enjoy full HD DVR service on every TV, with just one HD DVR. Genie also eliminates recording conflicts by letting you record any 5 shows at the same time, all in HD2. With more HD recording capacity than cable, Genie has more than enough room for all your favorite shows. With an HD DVR this advanced, your every TV wish is granted.

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DIRECTV is the undisputed
leader in sports.

way you can see every NFL game every Sunday3. Plus
we offer MLB EXTRA INNINGS®, the most PGA golf
coverage, the most USTA tennis coverage, the most
soccer... the list goes on. When it comes to sports,
DIRECTV is the undisputed leader.

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Watch your favorite movies
and shows anywhere—on your
laptop, tablet, or cell phone.

With DIRECTV, the entertainment you want is anywhere
you want it to be. Now you can watch your favorite
movie shows wherever you are, on your laptop, tablet or
cell phone, as well as on your TVs at home.4

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  • Save an EXTRA $100
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