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  1. { "url": "", "delayInterval": 0, "reportingModuleName": "Commercial : Private Offices : Slide Header", "reportingElementId": "10970019", "reportingElementName": "Commercial : Private Offices : Slide" } <a class="js_rollover" title="offer-deets">Offer Details</a> <div class="dtv-rollover-tup" style="display: none;" id="offer-deets"> <div class="dtv-rollover"> <span class="dtv-rollover-content"> Credit card may be required (except in MA & PA). BUSINESS SELECT PACK PROGRAMMING/BILL<br> CREDIT OFFER: Purchase of 24 consecutive months of SELECT PACK (regularly $54.99/mo includes local channels, <br>SELECT ($39.99/mo) and TECHNOLOGY FEE for ($34.00mo.). Additional receiver fees for $15.00/mo. apply for the <br>first and each additional receiver. Upon DIRECTV System activation and beginning in the second month, DIRECTV <br>will begin to credit the new customer’s account for 12 consecutive months in the amount of $15/mo for the SELECT Pack<br> and Local Channels packages, plus an additional $10/mo when customer activates and maintains SELECT Pack and <br>enrolls in Auto Bill Pay for 12 months with a credit card at point of sale. (Account must be in “good standing,” as<br> determined by DIRECTV in its sole discretion, to remain eligible. IF BY THE END OF PROMOTIONAL PRICE PERIOD(S) <br>CUSTOMER DOES NOT CONTACT DIRECTV TO CHANGE SERVICE, THEN ALLSERVICES WILL AUTOMATICALLY CONTINUE AT <br>THE THEN-PREVAILING RATES. In certain markets programming/pricing may vary. IN THE EVENT YOU FAIL TO MAINTAIN YOUR <br>PROGRAMMING AGREEMENT, YOU AGREE THAT DIRECTV MAY CHARGE YOU A PRORATABLE EARLY CANCELLATION FEE OF $480. <br>HARDWARE OFFER: Programming agreement, as defined by customer’s commercial programming rate card required. <br>Offer available to new commercial customers in commercial structures no more than three stories high. <br>No single-family residence allowed. Up to four free HD receivers per commercial location. Make and model of system at DIRECTV’s <br>sole discretion. Offer void where prohibited or restricted. All DIRECTV Receivers must be continuously connected <br>to the same land-based phone line. SONICTAP MUSIC CHANNELS OFFER: Upon DIRECTV System activation, DIRECTV will <br>credit the new customer’s account $37.99/mo. for three consecutive months for SonicTap Music Channels. <br>In the fourth month, SonicTap Music Channels will automatically continue at the then-prevailing rate. </span> </div> </div>
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    Boost morale
    and productivity
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  • Give your employees the boost only DIRECTV can provide.

    Drive productivity from the break room to the boardroom with all the entertainment, news, and exclusive sports they love at home. The ultimate TV experience is just what you need to enrich the ambiance of your office and improve the morale of your workforce.
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  • img Offices News

    Upgrade your office with the ultimate in entertainment.

    Bring in over 140 channels of news, sports and entertainment with our BUSINESS SELECT PACK and enjoy access to exclusive sports coverage with DIRECTV. With packages starting at just $19.99/mo, now's the best time to create the perfect work environment that you and your employees deserve.
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  • img Offices TV

    An all-pro TV experience.

    Get coverage of every league with sports networks including ESPN in the BUSINESS XTRA PACK. Enjoy NFL SUNDAY TICKET for out-of-market football action—only on DIRECTV. Plus, serve up America's favorite pastime with MLB EXTRA INNINGS for almost 100 out-of-market games a week!
  • international packages

    International programming.

    Create a home away from home with DIRECTV for BUSINESS' huge variety of foreign-language packages—including Spanish, Cantonese, and more—full of entertainment and news from around the world.
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Order now 1-888-303-9117
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  • img autoshops SonicTap

    DIRECTV. Enhancing more
    than customer satisfaction.

    DIRECTV gives you more than just the entertainment, news, and sports everyone loves. Play SonicTap music channels to motivate your team all day long with the hottest new music—and without additional licensing fees.
  • img autoshops Competition

    Don’t settle for cable.

    DIRECTV is available nationwide, so you never have to settle for cable. Plus, we’re #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable providers (2015 American Customer Satisfaction Index). And with 99% signal reliability (based on a nationwide study of representative cities) you can always give your employees what they love—their favorite entertainment.
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