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  • Our Social

    Doing Our Best for the Planet and Its People

    We're dedicated to building a better world. We've created corporate citizenship initiatives and a
    far-reaching sustainability program as part of our commitment to being a socially responsible company. Read on for more details.
"Social Responsibility : Overview : Citizenship and Sustainability"
  • Corporate Citizenship

    We're committed to being a good corporate citizen through initiatives
    that foster K-12 education, volunteerism, and disaster relief.
  • Sustainability

    We cut our carbon emissions, developed an easy-to-use recycling program, and lead the industry in energy efficient product design.
"Social Responsibility : Do Good : Video"
"Social Responsibility : Overview : Hot off the Press"

Hot off the Press

  • We Inspire Students to Love Math

    Find out how DIRECTV helped bring innovative math programs to underserved classrooms.
  • DIRECTV Gives Back in Las Vegas

    More than 800 DIRECTV employees, dealers, and business partners came together to give back to five Las Vegas nonprofits in one day.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project

    Learn about the Carbon Disclosure Project and how DIRECTV is making strides in carbon emissions reporting.
  • Earth-Approved Entertainment

    After receiving back-to-back ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year awards, see how we continue to push for a more sustainable future.
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