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"DIRECTV2PC : Intro"

Enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your PC.


    Your TV isn't the only way to watch DIRECTV.

    Now you can watch your favorite shows on your PC. With your DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR receiver and PC connected to your home network, the DIRECTV2PC™ application allows you to stream the programs you recorded on your DVR to your PC, where you can watch them on your HD monitor.

Enjoy DIRECTV on your computer


    Enjoy DIRECTV HD on your PC

    Stream recorded HD programming in full resolution from your DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR to your PC.
  • Watch two shows at once

    Watch two shows at once

    Watch shows on your PC while live or recorded programming is being watched on your TV.
  • DVR playlist on PC

    Enjoy the same screen interface

    Your DVR playlist appears on your PC just like it does on your TV screen. Just select what you want to watch and enjoy.
"DIRECTV2PC : Setup"
  • DIRECTV2PC setup

    Setup is a breeze.

    Just follow these easy steps and in minutes you'll be enjoying HD television on your PC:
    1. Connect your HD DVR to the Internet. More info
    2. Download the DIRECTV2PC application today. It's FREE!
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$199.00 each
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"DIRECTV2PC : rhr : At a Glance"

At a Glance

  • Watch your favorite shows on your PC — in HD

  • Watch two shows at once on your PC and TV

  • Download DIRECTV2PC application for FREE

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