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Discover Your DIRECTV Career

  • Find open Enterprise, Customer Care and Home Services positions at DIRECTV, as well as college internships.
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  • DIRECTV Finance Rotation Program
"Careers: Finance: Intro"

Get invaluable insight into the operations of the world's most popular video service.

  • DIRECTV offers a unique opportunity for top-notch talent with a track record of professional success to gain exposure to all aspects of the company's U.S. and Latin America finance and business operations. The Finance Rotation Program will create a pipeline for Finance leadership roles across DIRECTV.

    This transformative learning experience enables you to explore multiple career paths and cross-functional roles, fostering greater productivity and career growth opportunities. You'll receive accelerated professional development, intensive on-the-job training, world-class mentors, and a unique opportunity to network with DIRECTV's top Finance executives. You'll also help elevate the overall effectiveness of DIRECTV's Finance operations, financial and strategic analysis, business development, and, ultimately, shareholder value.

    Think you have what it takes? We encourage you to apply.
"Careers: Finance: Program Highlights"

Program Highlights

  • Exposure to four training platforms in three different cities, each with a six-month rotation.

  • Qualified candidate will have an M.B.A and a minimum of two years of finance or business operations experience.

  • Upon completion of the program, graduates will be qualified for leadership roles within the company.

  • Functional areas include, but are not limited to:

    • Corporate Financial Planning — El Segundo, CA
    • DIRECTV U.S. Business Operations — El Segundo, CA
    • DIRECTV U.S. Service Operations — Denver, CO
    • DIRECTV Latin America — Manhattan, NY
  • Competitive compensation and relocation is available.

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