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Discover Your DIRECTV Career

  • Find open Enterprise, Customer Care and Home Services positions at DIRECTV, as well as college internships.
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  • Enterprise
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Delivering the best video experience—anytime, anywhere—to millions of customers.

  • Regardless of their expertise, DIRECTV employees are encouraged to think creatively and prioritize business needs. Whether they are in the field of IT, Finance, Marketing, Engineering, Human Resources, or wish to be part of the ROOT SPORTS team, the nation’s premier regional sports network, DIRECTV has opportunities for those with a passion for the world's best video experience.
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    Our Entertainment group is committed to bringing the best content to living rooms across the country. Opportunities exist for those with experience in traditional television production, interactive/web, project management and user experience.
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    Sales & Marketing

    Be a part of marketing and selling of a DIRECTV's world-class entertainment service. Our winning marketing team is constantly finding innovative ways to build our remarkable brand, while our sales professionals work hard to increase our market share.
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    Part of what makes the DIRECTV experience the best in the world is our cutting-edge technology. Our award-winning Engineering department develops all of our technology — from advanced services to our set-top boxes — in-house.
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    Information Technology

    Information Technology professionals with a proven record of success
    and a mind for innovation will find a great home in DIRECTV's IT department. Approximately 10% of the Enterprise workforce resides within the diverse IT department.
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    ROOT SPORTS is a subsidiary of DIRECTV Sports Networks that reaches more than 8.7 million viewers across 18 states. By connecting fans, supporting teams and partners, and sharing the excitement of each season, we celebrate local sports passion and culture.
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