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    Your success is
    our business
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  • Put DIRECTV to work for you.

    We offer the sports and entertainment your customers want and the marketing support you need to help you grow. Whether you have one TV or a hundred, we'll keep your customers entertained and coming back for more. Got questions? We have a dedicated team of experts standing by.
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  • Bars &

    It’s simple. If you want more people in the door, give them every NFL game every Sunday, more MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, the list goes on. No one offers more sports than DIRECTV.
  • Shops, Gyms, & Lobbies

    Own a gym? Nail salon? Retail store? Together, we can make your business the local favorite. We'll help you build a TV package with the entertainment you need, at a price that makes perfect business sense.
  • Offices

    We'll keep your office abuzz with the latest business and entertainment news from the U.S and beyond. With your employees engaged and on top of their game, the sky is the limit.
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  • Hotels

    We deliver five-star entertainment service to every room, including the same channels and on-screen guide your guests are used to at home. Exactly what they’re looking for after a long day of work or travel.
  • Dorms

    We offer over 160 channels of best in TV entertainment—just what you need to make your dorms the best in class, all ready for move-in day. Your incoming students and their parents will agree.
  • Hospitals

    There’s no better way to keep your patients comfortable and relaxed than with the best entertainment, sports, and news. We have it all.
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  • Download DIRECTV for BUSINESS forms.

    From ordering kits and channel lineups, to change of ownership and W-9s.
    Find all DIRECTV for BUSINESS forms here
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