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    Use the DIRECTV® digital television service platform to transmit company information to targeted locations throughout the continental United States on a platform that is secure, reliable and affordable. DIRECTV's Private Video Network is a cost-effective corporate communications and distance learning tool to give your employees up-to-the-minute education, updates and company information.

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  • private networks advantages


    • Transmit time-critical broadcasts detailing employee training, corporate communications, product updates and other business information to an unlimited number of specific locations.
    • Personalized message forum.
    • Corporate customers include some of the biggest names from almost every industry.
  • private networks infrastructure


    DIRECTV receives your content at our uplink center and we encodeit, encrypt it and transmit it over the proprietary DIRECTV platform and down to all your locations simultaneously!
  • private networks dtv system

    DIRECTV System

    The DIRECTV System consists of a same setup that our 18 million customers use: a small satellite dish antenna, an integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) set-top box and a remote control.
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