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  • Call 1-866-949-5852 to get DIRECTV for your business now!
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  • Give your customers an experience they can't get anywhere else.

    Whether you run a small bar, a private practice or hotel, DIRECTV can help grow your business. Take advantage of our special offers just for DIRECTV business customers.
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    Save up to $1000 with the Business Referral Program

    For every business you refer to DIRECTV, you'll receive $100 off your DIRECTV bill.
    The business you referred will save $100 also. You can refer up to 10 businesses — and get up to $1,000!

    How it works
    • Tell the businesses you know to call 1-888-303-9117 to order DIRECTV.
      Give them your DIRECTV account number — they'll need this when
      they place their order.
    • Once the businesses you referred activate DIRECTV service, you'll
      start receiving $10 monthly bill credits for 10 consecutive months for
      every business you referred.
    • Refer more businesses to DIRECTV — up to ten — and collect up to $1,000!
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